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School Times

This term, we are trialling a slightly different timetable.  We now have two 20min play times, followed by a slightly shorter 40min lunch.  These changes mean every morning we have three one-hour lessons for our core subjects of reading, writing, and maths.  Our students continue to have the same time to play overall, however, they will eat slightly earlier in the day, and have more opportunities to move.  Vitally, our new timetable will provide a clear break between our core subjects.  This helps our learners come back to class ready for the lesson ahead.

Studies show that regular, short breaks can help students focus, increases their productivity, and reduces stress.  Having more regular times to move our bodies helps with concentration and attention.  In fact, research has shown that students learn more quickly after they’ve exercised. This, in turn, benefits teachers too by helping improve the pace of lessons while keeping students refreshed, focused, and engaged.

We hope to see our tamariki enjoying all these benefits this term, and welcome your feedback on these changes.

School day begins 9.00am
First block 9.00am – 10.20am
Eating / interval break 10.20am – 10.40am
Second block 10.40am – 11.40am
Interval break  11.40am – 12.00pm
Third block 12.00pm – 1.00pm
Eating / interval break 1.00pm – 1.40pm
Fourth block 1.40pm – 3.00pm
School day ends 3.00pm