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Quality Learning

Providing all staff with professional development to enhance student achievement

We will enhance quality learning by

  • Leadership and assessment professional learning development (PLD) – continuing to develop formative assessment practices

  • Ensuring we have high expectations of student achievement

  • Continuing to develop and use ‘Teaching as Inquiry’ approach to reflective practice and link it to appraisal system and strategic goals

  • Continue to undertake appropriate professional development to ensure current and effective teaching approaches are utilised

  • Developing student voice to allow for their greater involvement in their learning

  • Using the School Management system to record assessment data and monitor progress

  • Ensure differentiated programmes operate in all classes so that all children’s needs are met through ability grouping, especially in core subjects

  • Using the Inquiry learning approach whereby children are provided with opportunities to lead their own learning and develop effective information skills as well as critical thinking skills

  • Using staff strengths to assist with the development of all staff in the targeted areas

  • Teachers regularly sharing effective teaching practices at staff meetings and on an informal basis

  • Effective teaching practices will reflect: motivation, authenticity,engagement, positive relationships and success

  • Aligning Performance Appraisal System with the criteria for registered teachers

  • Including the community in all areas of learning

  • Utilising local resources to increase our student’s educational opportunities

  • Developing a culture of celebration, success and sharing