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Enviromental Group

The Environmental group and area has been growing and providing leadership opportunities around the school. There are a core group of students who have been involved and passionate about our environmental studies – these students help build passion amongst younger members of the school.

As a team, we reflect on our practice and students share ideas that they would like to see happening, or where their passions lie. We work towards trying to make these ideas possible for students to engage and create projects that are memorable and engaging for our enviro students. 

These past ideas have been: 

  • Bug houses
  • Water and waterways
  • Pest control 
  • Science activities
  • Trips and learning excursions

As we work through our projects, we reflect and change to our needs. Our environmental studies involve a lot of problem solving and building of resilience. Students are able to work together to support each other. It is great to have a huge amount of parent support throughout the school and a value for our environmental studies in and around the community.

Here are some of the projects that our tamariki have been working on…

  • Gardens / planting (companion planting)

  • Water conservation / irrigation systems

  • Weeds and pest plants (moth plants)

  • Pest control

  • Honesty box

  • Briquettes and recycling

  • Kauri dieback and protection of Ngahere