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Kereru Y3-5


Digital Options Description
Teach Your Monster How to Read Free phonics app that follows the same phonics we teach in class
Studdyladder Online learning resource with Lessons, activities, games, worksheets and videos in English, Literacy, Mathematics and Science
Storylineonline Free storytelling videos and resources that aim to strengthen comprehension and verbal and written skills
Seesaw A platform for student engagement – students use creative tools to take pictures, draw, record videos and more to capture learning in a portfolio
Vooks A streaming library of animated children’s storybooks

Reading at home

  • Read books together as a family – Ask questions about what you are reading, make predictions, discuss characters and ask why they behave the way they do.
  • Retell favourite stories changing the character and where it takes place.
  • Act out a favourite story
  • Make puppets of the characters
  • Turn off the lights and read with a torch
  • Practice your spelling words and write definitions for each word
  • Write out a sentence from a reading book, chop the sentence up and get a family member to put it back together
  • Design a new book cover for your favourite story
  • Write a book review
  • Phone a relative and read them a story
  • Build a fort in your living room and read a book inside it
  • Record your self reading and upload it to your seesaw journal
  • Complete your daily studyladder tasks

Watch the fly through video A Viking Village and choose one of the following reading responses:

  • Describe the village using senses
  • Create a commentary for the fly through
  • Choose a building, decide who lives there and describe that character in detail
  • Create a map of the village and add still images from the film to illustrate


Digital Options Description
Studyladder Online learning resource with Lessons, activities, games, worksheets and videos in English, Literacy, Mathematics and Science
Kiwi Kids News Child-friendly national and international news – Watch videos, read articles, use as writing prompts! Head over to Twinkl and enter the code NZLTWINKLHELPSthis will give you free access for one month to amazing resources
Murray Gadd Fun writing tutorials at home with Murray Gadd

Writing at home

  • Hide some toys around the house, create a scavenger hunt with clues for someone to find them
  • Write letters/ draw pictures to post to friends and family
  • Help write a shopping list
  • Practice writing your name starting with a capital letter and the rest lowercase: in pencil / felt-tips / crayon / chalk or fingerpaint
  • Complete a daily task on studyladder
  • Complete a handwriting page from your handwriting book
  • Write to nurses / doctors / essential workers to thank them for their service
  • Learn a new skill and log your journey e.g. knitting, juggling, doing a cartwheel
  • Write or record a set of instructions on how to: Make your bed / Brush your teeth / Build a castle with lego
  • Draw what you see outside your front door and write about it
  • Create your own story book
  • Make a sentence out of magazine / newspaper headings

The Literacy Shed

Watch the short animated film The Lighthouse and choose one of the writing follow-ups below:

  • Write a newspaper story of the event
  • Include interviews with lighthousekeeper, villagers and men from the boat
  • Hot seating with lighthousekeeper
  • Write a voice over for the film and record it
  • Create a story board of key events
  • Write a recount of the events
  • Write your own version of the story where the problem is solved in a different way

Online Tutorials

  • Writing Tutorials with Murray Gadd

Murray Gadd’s Writing at Home YouTube channel provides video guidance to support teachers to deliver writing activities to their students. These writing activities can be done at home. In each video Murray models a writing lesson as if he is teaching a class. He models high quality practice including vocabulary development, modelling and print concepts.

View tutorials with Murray Gadd


Digital Options Description
MathsBuddy  Online maths video tutorials
MathPlayground  Free, online math games with problem solving, logic games and number puzzles that kids love to play  Educational games that will keep kids engaged and having fun. Topics include math, reading, typing, just-for-fun logic games
 Studyladder  Daily maths tasks that your students can complete online  Online education maths games that are fun for children

Maths at home

  • Complete your daily maths tasks from your teacher
  • Practice your basic facts – addition / subtraction / multiplication / division
  • Design your dream home on Minecraft
  • Create a pictograph of your family members favourite foods, animals, ice-cream flavour
  • Create a smoothie recipe
  • Fill some glasses with different amounts of water and create your own musical xylophone
  • Secret number – choose a number between 1 and 100 ask questions i.e “is it higher or lower than ….”  to try and guess the secret number
  • Have a paper airplane challenge with your family and measure how far they go
  • Look at an online supermarket website and decide what you would buys if you had $100
  • Find 20 small objects around your home and sort them into different categories e.g. size/ colour / use / lightest to heaviest / heaviest to lightest
  • Play a card game
  • Create your own board game
  • Spend 15 minutes on Prodigy / Studyladder

Other Curriculum Areas and Real-life Learning Experiences

Digital Options Description Resources, guidance and information for parents, whānau, teachers and leaders from early learning to senior secondary
Science In A Van Exploring scicence through fun, hands-on activities
Nanogirl’s LAB Hands-on STEM learning projects for kids at home
Sport Northland Hauora – Health and Well-being activities for the whole family!
The Learning Station Healthy music for a child’s heart, body and mind!

Te Reo Maori in the home

Oral language

  • Label and learn te reo Māori words for items in your home
  • Te Kotare: waiata for tamariki and whanau: Puna Reo

A collection of waiata that you can learn at home with your whānau.  Includes Music, animated video, translations and chords.

  • Kupu App

A great new way for you and your whanau to experience te reo Māori!  An app that uses your camera in your device to instantly translate objects into te reo Māori

  • Māori Television: (Te Reo)

Click on the link to be taken to Māori televisions collection of language learning programmes.  From Mahi Pai to Tamarirki Haka, the options are endless!


  • Play musical statues
  • Invent clapping games with different rhythms
  • Sing a song together
  • Learn a new waiata in te reo Māori
  • Collect sticks and create drum beats on hard surfaces (upside down bins, outdoor seats, old boxes)
  • Make up a dance routine to your favourite song
  • Follow a dance routine on Jump Jam


  • Nanogirl’s LAB – Nanogirl talks with Moe about Covid-19 and the importance of physical distancing during the COVID-19 event. This can be used as a support for explaining the importance of physical distancing during the COVID-19 event.
  • Tales from Te Papa – Natural Environmet – Watch the mini-documentary Seeweed – More Than Meets The Eye and see if you can answer the following questions:

Questions for Students

  • What is the role of seaweed in the ocean? Describe some of the reasons why it is considered ‘one of the ocean’s most important life forms.’
  • What special properties make seaweed so useful in the production of food and other goods?
  • Given the importance of seaweed in nature, what conservation issues do you see around harvesting seaweed commercially?
  • After viewing this Tale, what further questions do you have about the use of seaweed in food?

Hauora – Health and Well-being


Follow a Recipe