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Korimako and Kiwi Y5-8


Digital Options Description
Connected A reading series that helps build students skills in literacy through learning in Science, Technology and Mathematics
Storylineonline Free storytelling videos and resources that aim to strengthen comprehension and verbal and written skills
Tales from Te Papa This teaching resource features mini-documentaries from Te Papa that showcase many of the unique pieces it holds in trust for the nation
Te Kura Resources Learning modules for Early Childhood, Primary and Middle School (up to year 10).
Kahoot.it Create your own online quiz and challenge your family members and friends

Reading at home

  • Read a book of personal interest for 20-30 minutes
  • Create a comic strip from a book you have read
  • Practice spelling words
  • Write a definition for each of your spelling words

Watch the short film Road’s End and choose one of the reading responses below:

  • Write a character description
  • Write the one sided conversation in the car and add in the driver’s thoughts
  • Retell the story in the 3rd person
  • Rewrite the story as a news paper report
  • Discuss who the man in the red scarf is and where has he come from?


Digital Options Description
Duolingo language-learning platform
Typing Club An educational platform for practicing keyboarding skills
Typing Speed Test Learn to touch type with speed and accuracy
The Literacy Shed Visual literacy prompts – films and animations to enhance the teaching of reading and writing
Once Upon A picture Images to inspire writing

Writing at home

  • Choose a theme from Scholastic Story Starters and create a story, letter, newspaper article or postcard
  • Choose a picture from Once Upon A Picture to inspire a piece of writing and share it with your teacher
  • Create your own newspaper article based on a news article you have read from Kiwi Kids News
  • Choose a mini-documentary from Tales of Te Papa and write about what you have learnt
  • Complete a handwriting card
  • Complete your daily task for the day set by your teacher
  • Write and record a voice over for a film trailer from The Literacy Shed

Online Tutorials

Murray Gadd’s Writing at Home YouTube channel provides video guidance to support teachers to deliver writing activities to their students. These writing activities can be done at home. In each video Murray models a writing lesson as if he is teaching a class. He models high quality practice including vocabulary development, modelling and print concepts. Choose a tutorial to suit Year level 6-8.


Digital Options Description
https://www.mathletics.com/nz/for-home/free-trial/ Exercises that continually challenge your learners to build their knowledge
Prodigy Fun math practice for grades 1-8
MathsBuddy Online maths video tutorials
Funmaths.com Provides resources such as math worksheets, fun ideas, games and puzzles covering all the advanced topics

Maths at home

  • Complete your set maths tasks from your teacher
  • Spend 15 minutes on Prodigy
  • Create a shopping list and work out how much your items would cost using an online supermarket website
  • Build your house plan on Minecraft
  • Follow a recipe and ensure you have the correct measurements for each ingredient
  • Write your own maths problems to challenge your family
  • Practice your basic facts – addition / subtraction / multiplication / division
  • Create a Maths quiz on Kahoot! and invite your friends to play

Other Curriculum Areas and Real-life Learning Experiences

Digital Options Description
learningfromhome.govt.nz Resources, guidance and information for parents, whānau, teachers and leaders from early learning to senior secondary
Science In A Van Exploring scicence through fun, hands-on activities
Tales from Te Papa Features mini-documentaries that showcase many of the unique pieces that Te Papa holds in trust for the nation
Tepapa.govt.nz Try some whānau challenges at home!
Maori Language Games Games to play with your children. Watch, listen, learn and do

Te Reo Maori in the Home

Oral language

  • Label and learn te reo Māori words for items in your home
  • Te Kotare: waiata for tamariki and whanau: Puna Reo

A collection of waiata that you can learn at home with your whānau.  Includes Music, animated video, translations and chords.


  • Kupu App

A great new way for you and your whanau to experience te reo Māori!  An app that uses your camera in your device to instantly translate objects into te reo Māori


  • Māori Television: (Te Reo)

Click on the link to be taken to Māori televisions collection of language learning programmes.  From Mahi Pai to Tamarirki Haka, the options are endless!



  • Follow a youtube tutorial and learn a new song on an instrument you have at home
  • Create your own Music themed Kahoot!
  • Listen to your favourite song and write your interpretation of the song
  • Learn a new waiata in te reo Māori
  • Make up a dance routine to your favourite song
  • Follow a fitness / dance routine on Jump Jam


  • Nanogirl’s LAB – Nanogirl talks with Moe about Covid-19 and the importance of physical distancing during the COVID-19 event. This can be used as a support for explaining the importance of physical distancing during the COVID-19 event.
  • Watch Sea Floor Discovers – Tales from Te Papa and answer the questions below:
    1. Who is doing the research on the sea floor and why are they doing it?
    2. Why is this kind of research important? What might be the scientific and economic benefits of the research? Why do you think that?
    3. Choose one of the sea creatures seen in the Tale and find out more about it. What are its key structural features and functions? How do these help it to survive deep in the ocean?
    4. Describe the hagfish and how scientists collect and study them. What do they hope to learn from studying these fish? Hagfish produce large amounts of slime: can you think of any economic use for this?
    5. Science fiction is often based on real creatures. Using the ‘Ideas’ response template, choose one weird sea creature and develop an idea for a science fiction story based on some of its features. What extra features could you give it? What might it prey upon, or save from disaster? Use the mind map you create to plan your story.

Hauora – Health and Well-being


Master Chef Challenge!

Follow a Recipe and share a photo of your result!

The Arts

Whanau Challenge!

  • Make a 3D version of an abstract 2D artwork from tepapa.govt.nz. Choose an artwork from the collections and try and replicate it in 3D – you can use everyday objects and materials at home, or make it on the computer.
  • You could create your artwork in 3D using the following programs:
  • Tinkercad
  • Minecraft
  • Share your a photo of your result on our school Facebook Page

An example using materials from home