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Bus Information

New bus routes: (Effective Monday 29th April)

Please be aware that times are indications only

Ritchies have given this information as a guideline only. Any further queries may be made directly to the bus company.
Ritchies Bus Services (Dargaville) – 09 439 4902
Ritchies Bus Services (Whangarei) – 09 438 7142

609 Tangihua / Hayward Rd – Ritchies Bus Services (30)

(Driver: Diane Kaiser)

07.23am Otuhi RD (SH14 end) 3.00pm MGK School
07.32am Codlin RD 3:10pm TAS
07:45am 956 Tangihua RD

644 Tangihua RD

640 Tangihua RD

412 Tangihua RD

327 Tangihua RD

198 Tangihua RD

(Then same route

as AM in reverse)

07.55am Crawford RD

157 Tangihua RD

40 Tangihua RD

4:05pm Otuhi Road / SH14
08:01am MGK School

1040 Maungakaramea RD

961 Maungakaramea RD

923 Maungakaramea RD

08:04am Hayward RD
08:13am Cnr Hayward RD / Mangapai RD
08:20am  TAS
08:30am MGK School

610 Ormandy – Ritchies Bus Services (26) 

(Driver: Warren Younger)

07:30am  Jobe Road 3:15pm  TAS

509 Mangapai RD

07:33am Cnr Glenn & MGK RD

457 Maungakaramea  RD

Cnr Marshville & MGK RD

07:38am Cnr Ormandy & MGK RD

Cnr Ormandy & Panekaira RD

635 Ormandy RD

657 Ormandy RD

07:44am Cnr Ormandy & Mangapai RD
08:00am TAS
08:15am MGK School

613 Snooks Road – Ritchies Bus Service (36)

Whangarei Depot

AM RUN             PM RUN                  
Start Weke RD / SH14 end TAS
Cnr Weke & Otuhi RD Opposite Meadowstone Ln

79 Tauraroa RD

671 Snooks RD

49 Bint RD

37 O’Carrol RD

Maungakaramea Hall

37 O’Carrol RD

53 O’Carrol RD

MGK School

49 Bint RD

671 Snooks RD

53 O’Carrol RD Cnr Weke & Otuhi RD
Start Weke Rd / SH14