2015 – Koru Art

Room 4 have been learning about using natural colours and blending colours into each other. They have been looking at space in pictures and how to make the eye draw to a particular area. The kid’s worked in groups on these projects. They look amazing! They are currently in the foyer, so come in and see them!


IMG_9860 IMG_9861 IMG_9862 IMG_9863 IMG_9864 IMG_9865 IMG_9866 IMG_9867

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  1. Nakita tavendale 23 December 2018 at 2:11 am

    Miss b was the most amazing teacher any school would be lucky to have her I had her in year 7 and 8 in room 4 and I couldn’t thank her enough being an ex mgk student I would proudly say this school has saved my life and helped me make a life friend

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