2016 – Samoan Tapa Art

During Samoan Language Week we created our tapa cloth artworks.

First we looked at a range of symbols that represent Samoan culture. We then used these ideas when we were designing our artworks.

Next we drew our finial designs on our paper. We coloured them in using a black marker and applied different shades of brown dye. We then got to scrunch up the special paper we used so it looked like proper cloth, this was lots of fun!

DSC03425 DSC03427 DSC03433 DSC03434 DSC03435 DSC03436 DSC03437 DSC03438 DSC03439 DSC03443 DSC03455 DSC03456 DSC03457

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  1. Mrs Edwards 2 September 2016 at 7:45 pm

    Well done Room 1 – this tapa looks amazing – what talented artists you are!

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