2016 – Room Four’s Poetry

In Room Four we have just finished our unit on poetry. We learnt many different forms. Here are some examples of the poems that we came up with. We hope you enjoy  🙂
What am I?
Take a plain yellow animated face with a little bit of hair on top, some large round eyes and a large beak like mouth, that will chomp down any food.
Add a signature white T-shirt and a big glass of duff beer along with some plain blue jeans and black shoes.
Decorate with a fat stomach and a small vocabulary, that mainly involves the word “Doh!”
Stir in lots of humour and an airhead personality and a high amount of violence towards his son.
Bake in double glazed doughnuts and you just cooked yourself a Homer Simpson.
Written by Ayla Trueman

I Remember Summer…

I remember the smell of sea spray, rolling in from the south,

I remember the sweet smell of Pohutukawa flowers,

I remember the smell of sugary ice creams.

I’ll Miss you Summer

Written by Islay Bruce
I loathe winterWinter is fluffy warm jumpersWinter is snow blanketed green grass, standing highWinter is empty bare treesWinter is cold frozen feet

Winter is muddy damp shoes

Winter is frozen foggy breath

I loathe winter.

Written by Lilly Kluge-Brown


I like winter

Winter is warm jackets

Winter is a deep sleep

Winter is amazing animals snuggling together

Winter is fluffy moths

Winter is empty fruit bowls

Winter is flooded paddocks

Winter is whizzing windscreen wipers

Winter is frosty fingers

I like winter.

Written by Spencer Wills


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