2016 – The Best Cross Country!

On Tuesday our whole school went to Waiotira to do cross country.

First everyone in our school went on a bus. When we were on the bus we sat with our buddies. The road was bumpy and windy, it made us feel like we were jumping on a bouncy castle. Some people felt dizzy.

When we got to Waiotira we put up our gazebo and started to get ourselves ready. Most of us were beginning to feel nervous but some of us were really excited. We did a walk through of the course, it felt like it was going to be a really long run! A lady did a speech to welcome us to the cross country.

It was time for the races to begin. Quinn was the first person from our class to run. He felt happy and did an awesome job of his running. He got dizzy and tired in the middle of the race. When he felt better he started running again.

Next Elise, Isabella, Paige and Pippa got ready for their run. After their stretches they started their race. Paige, Pippa and Isabella felt excited and Elise was quite nervous. They had to run over a log, up over the water jump and through a stream. It was great to hear lots of cheering from Dalana.

Max, Jamie and Angus were up next. They were feeling excited, nervous and amazing. Max ran in a river and through a gate, he came fifth and bet lots of other people. Angus felt so great when he ran passed other people in the race. Jamie liked the race and did well even though he was nervous.

Everyone worked really hard and tried their best!

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