2016 Room 1 – Fun Science Experiments

This week we completed some experiments with dry ice. Before we started we talked about what we thought dry ice was and what might happen when we carry out the experiments. We are getting really good at discussing our hypothesis that we write. We also talked about how to be safe and what we need to do during the experiments.
The first experiment we did was mixing dry ice and water. It is like a mist from a mysterious forest. It looked like it was fog. It was white like clouds. It was like paper. It was like teeth and eyes. It was like a whiteboard and wall. It was like a penguins white stomach.
By Paige and Jamie
We mixed some dishwashing liquid with some dry ice and water. It looked like a bubbling snake. It was bubbling up. When you pop the bubbles smoke floated out. We liked holding the bubbles in our hands.
By Elise and Sophy
We got to put lots of different things in dry ice. We put in an apple, an egg, a kiwifruit, flowers, a biscuit, a balloon and lots of other things. Some of the things were frozen solid when we took them out of the dry ice. When we cut the apple in half we noticed that it was really solid and frozen on the outside but it wasn’t very hard or frozen on this inside. We weren’t allowed to eat the apple. Two things did not freeze they were the fake flower and the balloon.
By Quinn and Miss Roulston
Egg Cracked
We put an egg in some water and dry ice. When we took it out we cracked it open on a plate. We saw that the egg was frozen solid on the outside and still runny on the inside because the yolk didn’t freeze. It was cool!
By Isabella and Maia
Bubble Pancake
It is white and cold. You will need dishwashing liquid, hot water and dry ice to make an awesome bubble pancake like ours! Big, white bubbles started coming out of the bowl. There were big, fat bubbles.
By Max and Spencer
We put water in a balloon and put it in the cold dry ice mixture. Then we used a knife to take the outside of the balloon off. Inside the balloon it was a nice, smooth ball of ice. We cut the balloon open like a coconut. It was hard to crack open. Once we cracked it open everyone got to hold it. It was so cold! It melted with the heat of our hands when we were holding it. It was so cold that we had to drop it.
By Dalana and Pippa.
We thought that they were the best science experiments ever!
Thank you Miss B and Team 3 for letting us join in the science fun.
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