2016 – Book Parade

During the week we had our book fair.  This ran from Monday to Friday and included a collection of Scholastic books and variety products for students and their families to purchase.  The school received a [...]

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2015 – Calf Club Day

We had our first Saturday Calf Club Day at Maungakaramea School on the 31st October this year and what a great day it turned out to be.  The children and members of the community enjoyed [...]

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2015 – Barge Park

This year we had our super star runners compete with the rest of Northland at the Barge Park Cross Country Tournament. Starkiss, Lahquetta, Lily S, Ashley, Anna, Taylor, and Xavier all competed. Although they did [...]

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2015 – Jock the singing cowboy

Recently we had a visit from Jock the singing cowboy. We dressed up in our cowboy and cow girl outfits, sang and danced to Jock as he he played his guitar and sang us songs. [...]

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